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Secure, affordable, online assessment solutions  

Welcome to WeProctor, the nation’s premier remote testing service for first responder (law enforcement, firefighting and EMT) agencies. WeProctor offers live remote proctoring services lead by board certified psychologists. We are an experienced team with comprehensive assessment tools. Affordable, secure, streamlined, accurate, and always 100% human supervised. Find out how WeProctor can help your agency. 

Who We Serve

At WeProctor we specialize in remote testing to support hiring, fitness for duty evaluations, and critical incident debriefing actions. Our nationally-recognized experts establish and monitor screening methods, carry out assessments, and review assessment results for quality assurance.


“Using the WeProctor site made it so much easier for us to schedule and test our agency's applicants. It freed up time and resources for our staff to attend to other tasks.  We highly recommend using WeProctor to save both time and money." 

First Responder Agencies

Our team of dedicated professionals brings years of experience supporting over 300 law, fire, and EMT agencies from northern Alaska to Washington DC. We understand the unique needs of first responder agencies and staff.


Assessments are time consuming. Allow us to take that piece off your plate with remote testing, accessible scheduling, and affordable pricing . We'll deliver finished test results so you are able to make final assessments and deliver results to your clients.

Ready to find out more?

Our team would love to get to know how we can help you with our services. 

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